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sewer-cleaning-service-birmingham-alWhen you need a sewer cleaning service right now, we can help. 24/7 Plumbing in Birmingham is the emergency plumber that’s fast and affordable.

Is your sewer line clogged or blocked? Get it cleaned out today!
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All of the drains in your home lead to the main sewer line which empties into the sewer system or septic tank, depending on where you live. When that line gets blocked, broken or clogged, getting it repaired right away can help keep the peace at home.

It’s always best to keep your sewer line in good repair. Getting it inspected every once in a while is great way to make sure it stays that way.

How Do I Know If Sewer Cleaning is Needed?

The answer to that question starts with a knowledgeable sewer cleaning plumber. That’s where we come in. Before any repairs are made, a thorough video camera inspection and some common sense will quickly determine if the sewer line is obstructed. That being said, there are a few things that you can look for to determine that for yourself.

Some of the indications that you may need a sewer cleaning are:

  • Strong raw sewage smell coming from drains
  • All of the toilets are backed up
  • Sinks in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room won’t drain
  • Tubs and showers won’t drain
  • Slow draining of all the tubs, showers and sinks

What Causes Sewer Line Blockage?

sewer-line-replacement-birminghamIn all of the years that we’ve provided emergency plumbing services, we’ve seen everything you can and can’t imagine. Personal care items, bathroom wipes and paper towels are common obstructions removed from sewer pipes. Replacement isn’t always necessary in these cases. In older homes, tree roots are the number one cause of sewer line blockage.

Over time, these roots find their way into corroded or broken pipes for a source of water. Those roots grow thicker and end up trapping waste and other products causing an obstruction. Sometimes the damage is severe enough to warrant a pipe replacement. If so, we can remove and replace the damaged area pretty quickly.

We have cleaned sewer lines in the middle of the night, on weekends and even on holidays. Fact is, 24/7 Plumbing is one of the most trusted plumbers for emergency drain clearing service. Our trucks are fully stocked so we can repair or replace sewer lines on the spot.

We provide sewer cleaning services in Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia, Bessemer and Alabaster, AL.

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