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toilet-repair-plumberA toilet repair is the last thing on your mind until you need it. If it’s leaking, clogged or won’t flush you need a plumber who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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For over 20 years, we have provided the best toilet repair service for homeowners all over North Central Alabama. Whether you need a new tank kit installed or need the toilet unclogged, we can help.

Toilet Repair Plumber

Does your commode leak water from under the tank or at the base of the bowl? Calling a reputable toilet repair plumber now can save you a ton of money later. Leaking pipes or seals make water bills go up and the resulting water damage to baseboards, drywall and flooring won’t be cheap.

Did you know that getting a cheap toilet repair estimate is easier to get when you call a plumber at the first sign of trouble? It’s true! However, waiting until there is a major problem before deciding to get it fixed usually ends up adding to the cost.

What are some of the most common toilet repairs? Truthfully, there are only a few to tell you about. Here is a short list of them and their causes:


  • Constant Running – Bad or worn flapper not seating properly. Water level lowers as water leaks out triggering the toilet to refill itself.
  • Water Puddling at the Base– Usually a sign that the wax seal between the toilet and the drainage pipe needs to be replaced.
  • Water Dripping on the Floor – Although you can’t see it, there is a gasket between the tank and the bowl. When this becomes old, dried out or cracked, it will almost always leak.
  • Noisy Tank Filling – 9 chances out of 10 you have old plumbing parts using the metal rod with a plastic ball on the end of it. Newer flushing mechanisms eliminate this altogether.

Emergency Toilet Repair Service

Sometimes you need a plumbing service in the middle of the night, holidays or even on a weekend. Being able to call an emergency toilet repair plumber to fix the problem right now should give you peace of mind. If the damage to your toilet is severe such as a cracked bowl or tank we can replace it with a brand new one quickly and affordably.

We are the 24 hour toilet repair plumber serving Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia, Bessemer and Alabaster, AL.

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