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water-line-leak-repair-birmingham-alIs your water line leaking? If so, you need an emergency plumber to find the leak and and fix it fast. Wet ground in one area or hearing a hissing sound when water isn’t being used can be indications of a leak.

24/ 7 Plumbing can repair your water line for less than you may be thinking!
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Whether your broken water line is leaking in a wall, under the floor or outside in the yard we can get there quickly and repair it properly. Procrastination could cost you a lot of money in water damage repair, so don’t delay.

Water Line Leak Repair

Our plumbers are leak detection experts and can pinpoint exactly where the problem is located. Special care is taken to only remove necessary materials in walls, flooring, ceilings and lawns to access the damaged pipe. Only the best water line leak repair plumbers can fix the damaged pipe and not make a total mess of the surrounding area.

water-line-repair-service-birminghamFixing a water line properly takes years of experience and hiring the right plumber to do it is very important. Make sure the company you hire is licensed, insured and most importantly reputable.

Water Line Pipe Replacement

Some of the homes we get called out to are more than a half a century old or greater. Shifting soil due to settling over the years and even tree roots may call for a complete water line pipe replacement. While these copper pipes are strong, they can corrode, split and leak over time. We can replace your waterline with a new pipe in less than a day.

Keeping the cost of water line replacement low is important to any homeowner. Hiring a cheap plumber to fix a leak or replace a pipe will only result in you spending more money later. Your home is one of your biggest investments and probably the one you’ll hand down to someone special later in life. A reputable plumbing company can make the necessary water line repair or replace it for a reasonable and affordable price.

Frozen Water Line Repair

During the winter when temperatures drop well below freezing, the chances for a bust water line increases. Typically you’re not using any water in the overnight hours when it gets really cold. The water that sits in these pipes end up freezing and the expanding ice breaks the pipe. Its always best to wrap exposed pipes with towels or other insulating materials. If you discover a busted water line, call us 24 hours a day to come fix it right now!

24/7 Plumbing can repair or replace your leaking water line in Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia, Bessemer and Alabaster, AL.

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